The Vindicator Knows, Do You

Although they claimed there isn’t much difference between my competitors and I, the Vindicator published an article yesterday saying they believe I could represent the district with distinction. We know I would be great for this position, but what really matters is that you and all of the other voters know it and give me […]


Bill Border Endorses Eugene

Bill Border, Coordinator of Academic Achievers, takes some time to tell why he endorses Eugene Mach. Take a look.

Ohio Right to Life Endorsement

I am please to announce I have recently recieved the Ohio Right to Life Endorsement for the primary election race for the Ohio 64th District Representative Seat. This is extremely exciting because only three Democrats in House races were selected for endorsements. We do not wish to take away a woman’s right to chose when […]


Jill Mogg’s Endorsement

Administrative Assistant at YSU, Jill Mogg, takes some time to tell why she endorses Eugene Mach. Take a look  

Help us Spread the Word

I’m holding a spaghetti dinner fundraiser on March 8th and I could use your help getting out the word to others. I’m attaching the flyer for the spaghetti dinner. Please print it out and post it all over town, tell your friends, call your family, and when you’re finished, reward yourself by joining us at […]

1-6 PM 

 District Representative


Keep The 64th District Moving Forwards

Over the last thirty years the 64th district has been labeled as the armpit of America due to the decline in business, increase of unemployment, drug use, crime and gang violence. Those of us who live here know a very different story. We know about the great small town feel of a Friday night football […]

Thank You To All Of Our Service Men And Women

If you have spent any time serving our country in any way I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. Whether you have served in the military, police, fire, education or as a city worker, I am deeply grateful for the service you provide and would like to remind you that we […]